Fernanda Covarrubias Melbourne studiostudio

Born in Guadalajara Jalisco Mexico, I grew up surrounded by Fabrics and sewing machines as one of my dearest aunties was a seamstress. 

Inspired by colours and how she could create garments without patterns for me and my sister I became intrigued into the garment construction process. 

My intriguing developed into a passion that followed me and grew over the years when I started experimenting with several fabric manipulation techniques, most of the times playing around with remnants of fabric from my auntie's productions. After I graduated from Fashion school and gained experienced working for mayor clothing workshops and companies, I started my first business back in Mexico. Now, in Australia and with over 16 years of experience in the fashion Industry my passion for fashion and fabric craftsmanship, took me to recapture my clothing brand label which bears my name.

Every piece is unique, flamboyant yet stylish. Handmade/transformed in Melbourne VIC, with a timeless design, own strong identity, and a story behind. Through my limited edition, and very often One of a kind Upcycled creations, my pieces are synonymous of Wearable Art, beautiful craftsmanship, and uniqueness. They are a representation of honor to the highly individualized craft of garment construction.

Every detail of my creations is carefully designed to express part of my story, the story of the materials, and most important my clientele's story. I see myself as the translator between fabrics, and my clienteles style interpretation. 

Through my designs I aim to highlight women's beauty, and most importantly to help them to feel empowered and comfortable in their own skin, despite age, ethnicity, or body shape. For me, clothing has the power to communicate a message of personal authenticity... 

About Fernanda Covarrubias