"Double T"

The coolest T-shirt Collection you've ever seen!

I've been thinking for a while on creating a unique T-shirt collection, for those days when you want to still look amazing without putting much effort. Well, after having a second thought and knowing that T-shirts are one of the most mass-produced garments in the world, I felt that, maybe that wasn't the best idea.

For a few months I wondered how I could merge two of my favourite things, the dreamy shapes and transparency of tulle, and T-shirts.

Well, after some days sketching a few ideas, playing around with pieces of tulle and sourcing the coolest preloved t-shirts, The "Double T" ( Tulle/T-Shirt ) collection came to life!

As most of the things that I create, The "Double T" collection is exclusively a collection of One-of-a-kind pieces.
Every single one is unique, reconstructed from preloved T-shirts, complemented with patches and characters from kids' t-shirts and adorned with random stitches to create a cool relaxed urban style. Plus, this is the first collection in the one I use NFC Technology on!!!
Which means that every single one of these pieces carries a NFC button tucked inside, and by simply taping it at your phone, you will find its story and care instruction via web browser.

But, that's not all! If you have any T-shirt that you love but for any reason don't wear anymore, or you simply want to revamp it, contact me and I will bring it back to life with any of the designs from this collection, or a completely new one!
The options are endless! Email me today and let's work on that unique Double T, just for you!