Online and secondhand shopping are driving a new interest in tailors.

interest in tailors.

For fashion designer turned recycled fashion blogger Ana Fernanda Covarrubias, 35, altering and repairing clothes is a must-have skill for those wanting to reduce the carbon footprint of their wardrobe.

The self-described “eco-fashion stylist” runs workshops on how to make smart purchases from charity shops in Geelong, and says although tailors are becoming more popular, more people want to learn how to make changes to second-hand clothes themselves.

“I do my own reparations because I know how to sew,” she says. “And I also want to help people know how to do their own fixes, so they are more open to buying something that doesn’t necessarily fit properly.”

Covarrubias, who started her blog, The Second Runway, after moving from Mexico to Australia four years ago, recommends pants and skirts as the easiest second-hand items to alter (“either shortened or lengthened; just be sure to check the length of the hem before you buy”), while cropping a shirt or its sleeves can also be a quick way to transform a purchase.

“I wouldn’t say it’s a ‘trend’, buying second-hand,” she says. “Climate change is happening now and I guess younger generations are more aware of the situation. It’s something we need to do and this is a fun way to do it.”

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