What is Colour Blocking? The Eye-Catching Combo.

A little bit of print here, a little bit more over there, and I know that probably a lot of cheetah print in my Instagram …. but what if you’re not a big fan of prints, but you love fashion and want to look stylish?

Well if that sounds like you, color blocking is the answer! Just keep reading and I will explain to you what it is, and most important I will help you to master this super fun and bold way of styling.

Well, what is colour blocking in the first instance?

Colour blocking is basically the combination of several solid colours without any print at all, to create a very bold eye-catching look, it makes you look trendy and brings that fashionista vibe. But as I always say, these are not absolute rules, they are just some tips to help you out when styling your colours, to get the perfect effortless combination. They will save you time when you are trying different ways to style your clothes. Also, There are several ways to do colour blocking but today I will show you three of them, that for me are the most important and easy to apply, and I will show you which one I did ok?

But firts of all: The colour wheel.

This is the colour wheel and the 3 ways I was talking about are explained down below, as you can see, they are super easy to recognize, the arrows are showing 3 different ways to select your colours, the first one is:

You can achieve this look by basically selecting two colors that are opposite on the colour wheel.

This look is basically selecting three colors of the color wheel creating a triangle. The interesting thing about this way of color blocking is that the three colours are from totally different hues and even so they look great when it comes to using them together. Such a striking combination.

That way of colour blocking is basically choosing colours that are one next to each other in the colour wheel.
Analogous palettes look very harmonious to the eye because you are selecting colours from the same “family”, you can add a neutral colour to the outfit and it will not change the essence of the colour blocking and it will make it look easier to the eye.

Extra tips to make it colour blocking work for you.
-You can play around with the proportions of the colours in the outfit, this means you can even color blocking with your bag or accessories, just as I did in this case.
I do not own any pair of red pants (I wish I do) otherwise I would have styled them in this outfit, but my preloved red clutch pretty much does the colour blocking.
As you can see one colour is the dominant (the pink) and even though the red just accents, it looks modern and dynamic.

-Another amazing thing about colour blocking is that you can actually use it to enhance certain areas of your body or to minimize those areas that you are not a really big fan of, by bringing the bolder colour to the area you want to highlight.

-Start building your outfit with one single piece that you love, and go from there to select the contrasting colour, the idea is experimenting with colours that you may never think before they look so well together, that is why the colour wheel is your best friend when colour blocking.

-Introduce colour blocking slowly if you are not very familiar with this term, it doesn’t have to be all at once, you can colour block with accessories, bags, bangles, and shoes.

-And just keep it simple. Colour blocking works better when we let the block of colours do the talking.

Let me know in the comments if you enjoyed this post and I hope you are ready for the bold combination!