Wedding Dress Code, Cocktail: Midi Dress

A cocktail dress is actually one of the most popular dress codes, especially in summer weddings.
But what actually is it and what should we wear?
Cocktail does not mean you have to wear a dress, but it is probably the easiest way to play it safe.
Stick to a Midi Dress or a shorter style dress with volume, like mine.
Black is always a safe bet! Regarding the fabrics, you will be ok wearing cotton as long as your Cocktail dress has a detail to highlight a point, like your neckline for example;
Feel free to incorporate bright colours for a daytime or afternoon wedding, as long as they are the point of attention of your outfit, like this dress that has this colour beats applique on the top, they will be the “bold statement”.
For shoes, you should opt for comfortable mid-heel shoes. I recommend you the ankle bracelet ones for a guaranteed pain-free dancing evening, otherwise, you will miss all the fun around you, and again, remember that If you already have the attention point in your dress, then chose a solid colour with a classic design.
To complete your cocktail outfit you will need a little coat, just in case gets chill; I kept it simple with this white bolero jacket, even though it is made of vinyl, it is pretty lightweight and it is lined, which makes it nice and perfect for evening occasions.
I love pieces like this white bolero with a minimal design, as they are versatile and can be styled with many different outfits and on several occasions.

And I know you are probably wondering about that say: “Not to wear white in a wedding unless you are the bride”! Don’t be alarm! It is ok to wear it when it is only to complement your outfit, and for sure there are dress code rules, but I think the most important rule you should follow is to wear something that you love and makes you feel happy in your own skin.

And remember, you don’t have to sacrifice your personal style at all when #opshopping !
What is your go-to wedding cocktail look?
Leave me a comment below with any other dress code you would like me to write about.
Cocktail Dress and White Bolero Jacket: Through Red Cross Shops
Black Clutch Bag: Through Vinnies