The Perfect White Shirt Borrowed From The Boys

There is a reason we love borrowing some of ours boys clothes! We are obsessed with the masculine, effortless look!
That is because with a few styling twists it can make us feel the most seductive empowered women on the planet.
That is why I went crazy when I scored this white shirt in my local opshop for 10 bucks.
However, it looked fantastic I knew I would have to make some alterations to give it that chic spin! but I thought it would be the perfect DIY project.

After a couple of weeks thinking and looking for some inspiration I thought that the best way to make it a bit fitted would be attaching a belt at the back, which would be the point of attention, which is made from the excess material after I removed a big part of the back.
A lot of fashion bloggers are wearing this backless look! But you can get some other ideas for this sort of DIY projects on the web too, just in case you do not want to show your back. To create the big ruffle I used a piece of fabric that I got from I don’t remember what opshop for $1 AUD only, (I know the price because it is still having a little tag on it).

To complete this structured look I added my Frida Clutch Bag, which is made of discarded materials, even the zipper is second hand! Can you believe that?

I cut two rectangles the same size, then I saw the zipper to one of the longest sides, then I attached the lining in the same way, finally saw the remaining three sides of the rectangle inside out to close the bag.
I have to tell you guys that I didn’t find all the materials in one single opshopping day, you have to be patient, because you don’t always find what you are looking for in thrift stores the first time you go, eventually you will. You can even find another stuff, and new ideas will come up to your mind.

Before I go, I will leave with you guys some of the best tips for you to get that “Chic” style.

Wear bold colors!
That means leave your floral print pants and leggings at home since we want to keep that minimal look, so choose solid colors.

Accessories are the feminine spin!
You can be big in accessories, play around with different shapes and lengths, as long as they do not shine, save your “bling bling” collection for another time!

From the business to the deconstructed versions on the runway, the crisp white button-down has unlimited ways to be worn and never goes out of style.Now tell me! What are you waiting for? run to your closet grab an old button-down shirt and start your DIY project!