Take Me Back to The 80’s. The Best Tips to Bring That Look Back to Life.

How we could forget bold colors, leg warmers, big volume hairs and the very peculiar bulky shoulder pads from the 80s?
The 80’s were certainly some of the most eclectic decades in fashion, it brought a wide range of styles. And like it or not, It`s back!
If you love this era but don’t know how to bring that edgy look into your life, keep reading because in this article I will share my best tips on how to bring the 80’s vibe back to life! With 6 things that many of us we have already in our wardrobes!

The vintage Jacket.
A preloved vintage jacket like this will take you back immediately to the 80’s era! This is one of the best pieces for women wanting an androgynous look, as the fit is roomy and comfortable. This one, in particular, comes with two big pockets at the front and a couple of little ones inside, plus an adjustable belt at the hip. The best thing! Is preloved and you can find them easily in your favorite Op shop.

Shoulder Pads.
Dramatic shoulder silhouettes dominated the 80’s decade. Broad shoulders with a big drop down to the waist were definitely the go-to look that defined this era.

High waisted jeans/leggings.
High waisted jeans have made major come back! the best part of it, they are very flattering for most of the body shapes and so comfy.
Tuck your shirts in, and pair them with a statement belt for warmer months.

Statement earrings.
There is nothing that screams the 80s more than a big, bold pair of earrings. They were literally everywhere, oversized hops, clip-on, Imitation pearls, and faux gemstones were all the rage. And the best part of it, they still around in op shops, and nowadays is like having a treasure as some of them are considered vintage.

Edgy shoes.
The 80’s were all about head to toe bold looks, whether is a classic pump, a satin flat, Reebok pumps, creepers, or an edgy pair of pointy boots like my red pair. You can`t go wrong with any of these when evoking this retro look.

Bold accessories.
Custom bracelets and belts made a big statement. Wearing numerous thin plastic bracelets was another sign of the 80’s looks. I opt my gold bracelets as they can be styled with almost everything in my wardrobe, and again, you can find them for a fraction of the retail price in op shops and consignment shops.

These are just a few 80’s trends. Now tell me what is your favorite thing about this amazing era? Let me know in the comments, looking forward to read them!