Slow Trend Alert! 3 Things that never go out of Fashion!

Most trends come and go quickly, or at least is how it seems to be now in the fast fashion world. But there are a few of them that regardless of the season of the year, remain and we can say they are here to stay.

So today I’m gonna share with you 3 of them, and I will show you how you can style them in the same outfit to get that nice yet edgy look, without having to buy anything new, as you may probably have something similar already in your wardrobe.

Leopard print.

For me, leopard print never left, If you have followed my IG profile, you may know by now that I have been wearing this print since Spring/ Summer and I can tell you, I’m gonna wear it on repeat this winter. Not this 2019 only but, for many more years to come – Leopard print is Timeless and Ageless.

Even though leopard print is not a texture, but a pattern, in this case, is both, since as you can see my heels are leopard print with a very subtle faux fur texture.

If you are not a big fan of print remember that you can elevate any neutral outfit with a leopard belt or handbag and, you will always look in style, since it has been a wardrobe staple for a long time and there is no sign of it slowing down.


I love Satin, but there is one issue (if we can call it an issue, as for me doesn’t seem to be an issue at all) and is that sometimes Satin can look a bit fancy for day wear since is considered more of an “evening fabric”.

Nevertheless, fashion rules are meant to be broken! And I love wearing satin during the day, not only after 5, since it brings me that luxury feel that I love when I dress up.

A mini satin dress like mine can bring that chic yet edgy look without wearing accessories, since this mini Satin Leopard dress, is the statement accessory by itself!

To get that put together look, and continue with the sumptuous feel of satin, we can style it with another satin garment in a neutral color, like this black blazer. I know. Gorgeous. And such a wardrobe staple.


Velvet has been in history throughout the centuries and clearly, velvet is not something that is leaving fashion any time soon. 

It is often associated with nobility and it doesn’t surprise me, it feels incredible on the skin but it’s also unique and bold in its own sense. 

So if you wanna feel like royals bring in a velvet garment/Accessory to your daily outfits, just keep in mind that velvet is warm, so maybe is not the best idea to wear it in during warm months, so opt for a velvet handbag or shoes to bring that royal magic to your wardrobe instead of buying “seasonal” pieces.  

This messenger bag is the perfect addition to my go-to wardrobe, is in a neutral yet rich colour and I can brighten it up with a silk scarf for a more colorful look, it’s the perfect size to carry my essentials and it has a strap, so is a win-win, right? 

Well, these are just 3 things, but now tell what are the other garments/trends in your wardrobe that never go out of style? let me know in the comments, I’m always happy to read them.