Lime Green Pants.How to Style Them in a Funky Way

Ok, guys if you have been around for a while, you already know I’m all about neutral colours, so maybe you are wondering why I’m wearing Green lime pants!

Well, the thing is that I could not resist such a beautiful colour and it`s fabulous shape! Plus they are so comfy and they are preloved of course!

Have said that I’m gonna share with you some of my bests tips and tricks to style them and don’t look like a psycho.

-Wear it with animal print.

Yesss, I know this is a catching eye garment by itself and of course you can style it with a neutral colour such white, soft pink or grey, but if you wanna go beyond just add some animal print, you can do it once or even twice as I did, I got the classic cheetah print in my top and a funky pink in my head wrap.

-Bring in 70`s vibes with some platform shoes.

This kind of shoes can bring that funky look to almost any outfit as long as they are styled in the right way, they are comfy enough for a night out and they have ankle straps and we all know any kind of shoes are better with them,  so they tick all the boxes!

-What about sunnies?

Cat eye sunglasses will bring the chic dash to this outfit, even though this shape used to be thinner and angular, nowadays this has changed to a more rounded and better suited for many different face shapes, mines are the best example for the ones that suit pretty much any face shape. But if you face is round a pair with angular lines or an oversized frame is the best for you.

-The cherry on the cake: Lucite bangles!

They can be in different sizes and shapes but I recommend you to stick to one single colour that is already in your outfit, and you know you can never go wrong with the classic black lucite bangles.

Have you ever fallen, in love of a pair of pants in such a bold colour but not sure how to wear it?

Leave me a comment below with any ideas you have or tag me on Instagram! I would love to see what styling you came out with!