How to wear a Black Tuxedo and Slay

Black Tuxedo has become a wardrobe staple lately, as it can be styled in many ways and in any season of the year.

But! When Can We wear a Tuxedo?

Mostly they are worn in weddings and black tie events but thank God women tuxedo is not limited to these! We can wear a Tuxedo for formal dinner and parties or even on more casual occasions.

If you have never worn a tuxedo and are unsure about creating a unique style keep reading and I will give you a few great tips for rocking it!

Add a cool patterned shirt!

For this style, I wanted to keep that masculinity air that tuxedos evoke, that’s why I decided to wear my lipstick shirt as it keeps that look adding a very nice touch; I actually find it kind of sexy also.

If you want to keep the classy look  I recommend you to go with a white chiffon shirt, or for a super feminine look, you can wear any soft colour or even some floral pattern.

How to dress it up or dress it down!

In fact, the best thing about tuxedos is that you can dress it up or dress it down easily, it is just a matter of choosing the right shoes and accessories since I am not attending the Grammys I am wearing my white sneakers as they will add that cool touch without interfering with the outfit simplicity!  If you opt for heels, I recommend you to stick to a minimal design too.

Bringing it a feminine touch!

Little shiny jewellery will bring in that feminine touch.

Try a big sparkly ring, a gold necklace, earrings or even a watch, but keep it simple, If your accessories are too busy they will decrease your look!

What sort of sunglasses should I wear?

As I mentioned at the beginning, the main point of attraction is your tuxedo, right? If you are attending a day event, I recommend you to go for a monochrome matte sunglasses, stay away from any “bling bling” or shiny sunglasses as you want to keep that structured look.

Keep your makeup simple!

The best way to look stylish with any tuxedo is to go with a touch of colour, maybe a bit of red lipstick on your lips, but I do prefer a glossy nude since this look has a masculine personality and I think it is the best way to maintain it.

What do you think? Do you have any other tip to style your black Tux?Let me a comment below, I can not wait to read it!


Lipstick Shirt and Black Tuxedo: Red Cross Shops