HOW TO: The Best 12 Tips to Clash prints.

There are a lot of myths when it comes to clashing patterns, maybe you have heard that said: stripes and polka dots don’t match!

Well let me tell you that is completely wrong, in this post I’m not wearing lines or dots, but I’m wearing two completely different prints that will help me to easily explain these rules that will help you to clash any print as a master.

1-When choosing your prints make sure they share at least one single colour. Like in my case they share the black.

2-If your patterns are the same or very similar wear them on a different scale.

3-Style neutral prints with bold colorful prints. Like this beautiful Ohdeervintage black and white midi skirt, with the bright turban colours.

4 Follow 1 hue for an easy yet edgy look. Could be any colour you love, from the classic black to the lovely soft pink, you can go crazy about different prints as long as they belong to the same tone family.

5-You can mix prints with different flowy or tailored garments or even add a cool twist with a layered piece of fabric in any of the printed garments.

6-Style your prints with neutrals to make them less intimidating. And let your prints do the talking.

7– You can break your prints up with a neutral colour in between for less busy look. In this case, is my black top in between my skirt and the turban.

8– Divide your clash with a belt when they are one next to the other.

9-Don’t Forget to play around with different fabrics and textures.

10-Add a bold touch with different volumes and shapes in your accessories.

It can be in a single color but make sure they stand out due to their size, like my preloved clutch bag from The Red cross shops with the big bow at the front.

11– Treat stripes, animal print, and dots as neutrals, you can never go wrong clashing any of these 3, as long as you keep in mind the tips I shared with you before.

12– And last but not least, wear the same print in different colour! believe it or not, regardless of the print of your choice, you can never go wrong following this tip.

And now tell me, do you have any other tips to rock your prints? Let me know in the comments and don’t forget to tag me on Instagram! I really love seeing you styling guys!