How To Style A Wide Belt If You are Petite

Belts are a necessary accessory in any wardrobe. The question is: Should I wear this vintage Nolita wide belt even if I’m 1.55 mt?

It seems like wide belts are “not recommended” for short ladies but, there are a few tricks I used to make it work for me.
– The obvious is, I chose a colour from the outfit, in this case, black.
-I unbuttoned my silk @davidlawrenceclothing shirt to create a V neck which helped to elongate my upper part.
-If you wanna wear thighs as I did, opt for a pair that flows with the colours you are wearing, without grabbing too much attention, otherwise you will shorten your legs with a different block of colour. In this case, I styled with my mesh tights, they added a cool detail and texture without grabbing much attention.

-I wore my preloved @tonybianco print pumps.
If you are short, always opt for heels without straps. This will immediately elongate and slim your legs, which is something very important, especially wearing midi skirts.-Another great tip for us is, look for belts that are thinner on the sides and wider at the front so it doesn’t cut too much your silhouette, the bests belt are the ones with a “V” or pointy shape at the front.

I hope these tips help you next time you go to look for belts. Remember, we are all different and we all can wear what we love, is just a matter of making them work for us.

Now tell me, how tall are you? and what are your favorite belts? Share any tips and tricks you have. I’m dying to know 

How to style a wide vintage belt