How To Style a Classic Pencil Skirt in an Edgy Way.

Most of the women think that pencil skirts are synonymous of classic, and in a certain way they are, but let me tell you they are not limited to this kind of look. They bring the sexy chic look that makes us feel empowered and like we are stepping into a runway.
Versatile as they are, they have lots of benefits, they enhance our body shape and create an hourglass silhouette, they can take us from work to drinks and dinner easily.

And today I’m gonna share with you the best tips to style them before you feel hopeless when it comes to thinking about such a wardrobe staple.

-Choose a neutral colour to give them more use, they are literally like a white canvas, you will easily be able to play around with your current wardrobe.

-What if I have narrow hips?

If you have narrow hips or you would like to highlight your curves, look for skirts that feature rounded cuts on the sides or over this area, they create an optical effect that helps to enhance and make these curves more rounded.

-Make it fun.

While a pencil skirt is a great addition to your work-wardrobe, that doesn’t mean have to be boring at all!

Look for a texturized finished to give it a chic dash that can be worn rather with heels or with sneakers for a day at the city. In this case mine is faux leather with a sort of rough and rustic texture.

-Bring in your oversized tops and shirts.

We all know that there is nothing as sexy as the hourglass shape of a pencil skirt paired with a fitted top, nevertheless, if you are not really in to fitted clothes, the pencil skirt is the perfect excuse to play around with you oversized shirts, that brings a more fun look whereas still chic and sophisticated.

-Play with asymmetrical shirts and layers for an intrepid yet chic look.

They will cover those areas that you may not feel comfortable showing, so is a win-win situation.

And last but not least!

Accessorize accessorize accessorize!

Accessories are the key that will open the styling door for you!

They can change any look completely, in this case, I wanted to bring a little bit of boho, 70’s vibes with my fringe clutch, yet to keep a polished look with my silver accessories as well.

And the cherry on the cake was my double buckle green heels, from The Red Cross Shops which can be easily swapped for a pair of white sneakers.

And now tell me, are you ready to rock that classic pencil skirt?