How to Rock Your Cigarette Pants If You Are Petite

Let’s face it! Love them or Hate them. Cigarette pants are a must-have in any women wardrobe. Even though they can go with everything, they can be a bit tricky to style because of their cropped length. So how can we find the right pair of cigarette pants for us? Here are some simple steps and tips to follow when buying and styling them.

The Right Length

The truth about this is that the right length is up to you! If you are petite like me, the right length is about 5cm above your ankle, that will give the illusion of lengthening your figure, just make sure you look for sewn fold ones.

What if I am curvy?

Well, this is actually an excellent question! Since many women with curves or muscular legs believe they can’t wear this type of trousers! Well, let me tell you that is completely the opposite! You just have to know how to accentuate the right point of your body! Keep reading to find out.

What about the waistband?

Cigarette pants with a high waist are perfect creating a focal point around your waist and give you an hourglass silhouette. The ones with an elastic band are super easy to pull on and off.

What if they come with pleats?

This is another element that will highlight your curves, that means that if you have a little bit of tummy you would like to hide, stay away from the pleats and opt for a pair without them.

What are the best shoes to wear with them?

There is nothing worse than ruining this look by failing at flip-flops, you can even wear a classy pair of sneakers, but the ideal is a pair of oxford shoes, ballerina flats if you want to remain comfy, or the pointy pump for the ultimate chic look.

Jazz up your look by wearing a crop top

A sequin or even girly floral crop top contrasts with the androgynous looking of the trousers, but if you don’t feel confident showing your belly, you can opt for the classic cami or even button-down shirt for a go to work look. Whether for a night or day look a good pair of cigarette trousers can be styled in many ways. You just have to find the right pair for you!

Now tell me do you already have yours? If you don’t, what are you waiting for? Go to your nearest oppshop and find yours, because trust me, once you got them, they will become your go-to piece time and again!