How to Make T-shirt Earrings Tassels

Who does not love a cool statement pair of earrings?  This is perhaps one of the simplest and most chic ways to upcycle your t-shirts, and jewelry beads and pieces that you have forgotten about are at the bottom of your jewelry box. If this rings a bell!! keep reading and bring in your creativity and materials! this is what you will need: 

-T-shirt yarn. 


-Hand needle. 

-Cotton in the same color T-Shirt. 

-2 Earring Hooks. 

-A couple of feathers (that is what I used) jewelry beads, rings or anything you would like to add to your earring. 

-Fabric Glue(optional).

1– Begin by laying the shirt out flat and cutting off the bottom seam and the top below any logo. In this case, you can see I have made some yarn from this shirt, that is why is that short. Now just cut a strap of it.

2 -Cut this loop in half to make it slimmer (about 0.5 cm). To make the yarn roll up, you just have to stretch the loop.

3-Cut a few straps in different lengths, this depends on how long you want your earrings.

4-Grab all the t-shirt straps, feathers or pieces of material you are going to use and simply put them all together and start to hand stitching, across and all around them, try to make it tight.

5-Place the earring loop at the top of the shirt tassels and give them a few stitches, make sure you go many times through the little earring hoop and is well attached to the T-shirt tassels.

6-Now is time to put some fabric glue (if you have some) on the top of the tassels and make sure you cover the bottom of the earring hook as well.

7-Once the glue is dry, with a little remaining yarn piece (about 4 cm length) wrap around the top of the tassels, where the glue is, just make sure you cover the bottom of the earring hook, that will give a tidy finished to your earrings.

8-And finally just place the rings or beads you have chosen by making a knot with one of the straps of the earring.

Voila! You just made your unique Upcycled earrings, using discarded materials and in a short time! Trust me no one has a pair like yours.

These are the materials used in this process!