How To Find The Perfect Midi Dress For You and Rock It! MISSONI Dress.

If someone had told me a couple of weeks ago that my eco-fashion friends Julia aka Styleshifter and Rina aka Fash_forward would find for me this amazing MISSONI dress in our Opshopping/Vintage tour that day, I wouldn’t believe it.

We were shocked when we found it, that we couldn’t let the opportunity of trying it out pass off. It actually was two pieces set, so Rina and I decided to share the love and she kept the little bolero and I got the dress, so now each of us can have a little bit of these amazing set.I decided to wear it the day after, of course after hand washing it since I thought would be perfect to go out for dinner.

So now let’s go straight away to the exciting part which is how I styled it, and obviously, I will share with you my best tips on how to style such a stunning piece and take it to the next level.

What is the best Midi Dress Length for me?

Select a length that is slightly above or below mid-calf, just try to avoid dresses that flare out in your mid-calf, which is usually the widest part of your calf, otherwise that will create the effect that you are shorter, and trust me, when you are1.56 mt this tip is very handy, as the right length will elongate your silhouette.

What is the best Neckline for me?

These tips are to help you out finding the neck that accentuates your assets, but always keep in mind that are not “rules”, since I know there may be some things that you feel more comfortable wearing and as I always say, your style is very personal, it has to feel right for you, otherwise don’t wear it ok?

-V Neck
Ideal for inverted triangle shapes. Generates a vertical line and hide the horizontal line of our shoulders. consider as well your face shape, the ideal face is a rounded face and short neck.

Ideal for an inverted triangle.
Big breast- low neckline.
Small breast- high neckline.

Ideal for people with a small waist and big breast, just be mindful about your face shape, the square neck is ideal for round faces.

-Round (scoop).
Ideal for thin shapes as add a little bit of volume to the upper area.

Bring no one only, but 2 two statement necklaces to highlight the upper part.

Yes, you have read well, as this stunning dress is “V” neck I decided to showcase two of my favorite statement pieces, one is my Upcycled feather necklace and the gold one is actually another of my Thrift finds from that day with Julia and Rina. I know, gorgeous!

It depends how the neck of your midi-dress is but, basically the idea is to highlight the area with statement accessories. Don’t be afraid of layering necklaces, they can be in different sizes, colours, and even textures, to create a much more interesting look.

Pair it with some simple yet chic pair of boots.

In this case, I opted for my preloved velvet boots, they are long so I think they bring this sophisticated yet sexy touch to my outfit without showing any skin of my legs at all.
Plus, they are so soft against my skin, and very comfy for short walking distances due to their medium heel.
Don’t panic if you don’t have a pair of long boots, a great option to create the same effect is wearing some stockings with your ankle/Short boots. Definitely, you don’t need to buy another pair of boots for winter.

Dress it down with flats, sneakers or sandals for summer.

The beauty of this dress especially, is that is such a classic staple that can be easily dressed up and down just by changing the accessories.
Remember this sort of shiny fabrics are not limited to after 5, and this beautiful sort of navy blue is always on trend.

Now tell me what is your best Op shop find so far? Let me know in the comments I love reading them.