How I Style My Glam Black Skirt with Sneakers

You have probably noted that I love black, when I came across with this black satin long skirt, I literally fell in love with it. It is just my perfect length with the right fit in the waist, and the most important thing, it is so comfy!

When I got it I was not even sure how I would style it with, but I thought, I can not pass up this opportunity, as we all know that a long black skirt is a must-have in every wardrobe. Right?

Anyway, that day We decided to go out and have dinner, I thought: “This is my chance to style my glam long skirt” However I did not want to look formal, I just wanted to look nice and at the same time being comfortable with my shoes, since probably We would go out for drinks and party after that ( thing that actually happened). So, I just grabbed my loved black Adidas and as soon as I put them on thought: “This is it”.

The skirt by itself is a statement, so I decided to wear my see-through cardigan that matches nicely with the beautiful Romina Clutch Bag because it has the same kind of see-through fabric on the top, and it is a perfect size just to have my on the go makeup and my mobile.

I just love it when an outfit comes together like that!

It just goes to show you that you should never underestimate how to dress up or dress down any garment, the possibilities are endless, You just need to explode your creativity and add your personal taste to create a gorgeous outfit!

Do you have any other way to dress down your glam garments?

Let me know What your thoughts are, I will love to read your comments!