DIY The Ultimate Statement Necklace

There are a couple of things that I love about this outfit, and maybe you’ve already noticed the first one, which is that I’m wearing a knotted blazer as a top, you’ve probably seen this style on Instagram, since it’s a great and a super easy way of repurpose an old blazer that may not be in the best conditions to be worn, mine was given to me from a dear friend and is unlined, which make it easier to be knotted and more light weight.

The second is this handmade Statement necklace made from a second hand circular skirt and the remaining pieces of fabric from different projects, of which I will share the making process below, but first I’m gonna share some ideas on how to style such singular pieces for a dinner or a night out.

The knotted blazer looks like a corset, It is so flattering and to accentuate even more the hourglass figure I styled it with my preloved Wide leg pants and platform sandals, as you already know they are a must have in every wardrobe.
Let your Statement Necklace do the talking!
What you can do is add a dash of colour in your lipstick, just as I did! I chose red as my necklace has bits of red fabric, so I thought would give it an edgy touch.

Now if you are ready, this is what you will need.
-Circular skirt, these must have a zipper closure as it will work as closure at the back of your neck.
-Remaining pieces of material, they could be fabric straps or little squares, actually they could be any irregular shape, feathers, squares, yarn, etc. anything that can be sewn with your sewing machine and is not to heavy.
-Tape measure.
-Sewing machine.

1-Place the circular skirt on the table and cut to length as you want your necklace, leaving an excess of fabric enough to fold and make the hem later on. In this case I used the excess fabric of the skirt for another DIY project that I will share with you in the future as well.

2- I wanted for this necklace to be asymmetrical at the back, so I folded it in half and I cut the front part shorter, as I mentioned before, make sure that the zipper stay at the back side.

3-Now that you have your necklace the length you want, the next step is unpick the waits band and cut it the same length as your neck measurement, don`t forget to add at list 4 cm as you are going to attache the zipper again and most be bit loose around your neck.

4-Once you have the straps/feathers or pieces of material you are gonna use, just place them, one next to other, all around the edge where the waist band will be attached again and sew it up first with an over-locker, if you have one, otherwise just do it with the straight sewer. Make sure the stitching is small/Medium size and stitch it twice otherwise the straps can fall apart.

5-Sew the zipper back again.
6-finally fold the edge and make the hem, in this case I used hemming tape, as I did not want the sewing stitches been visible front the up side of my necklace.

And Voila! you have finished your Ultimate Statement Necklace trust me nobody have one the same!

Let me know your thoughts in the comments and don’t forget to tag me on Instagram in your creations looking forward to see them.