DIY Statement T-Shirt Necklace

If you are a big fan of statement necklace`s look and love unique and up-cycled pieces!! you have come to the right place, as today I`m gonna share with you how to make this amazing and unique necklace step by step and with just a few materials.

If you wanna find out how I made such an unique piece, just keep reading.

This is what you will need :
-T-shirt yarn (I will show you how to make it below).
-Hand needle.

-Hand needle


1– Begin by laying the shirt out flat and cutting off the bottom seam and the top below any logo. In this case, you can see I have made some yarn from this shirt, that is why is that short. Now just cut a strap of it.

2-Once you have the strips, start to roll in itself until you create a small bead and give it a few stitches to secure it, try to make it tight, otherwise it will come undone. Make them in as many colours an sizes you want your necklace has.

3-Cut strips in different thicknesses and lengths, it depends how long you want your necklace.

4-Place the beads randomly in different parts of the strips and give them some stitches to attach them to it.

5-Now it’s just a matter of placing more beads to the necklace and build it in the way you like, mixing different sizes and colours randomly. You may even make some snips and random knots.

6-Once you got the size you like, you may add a bold touch interweaving some strips of the same shirt yarn within the gaps that are between the beads.

7-Wrap the remaining strips  for about 8 cm and then tuck the end under and add some stitches at the end to make sure is not gonna come undone.

8- Make A  knot at the end of each stripe to make it look tidy.

And voila!! You have made your own and unique T-shirt necklace! Now is ready to rock it!!! I hope you had fun and don’t forget to tag me as in all your creations!!!